UMRI Institute is a Zimbabwean organisation committed to contributing positively to the economic solutions of our nation through empowerment programs. UMRI strives to develop an education system that caters for all- particularly the inclusion of those that may be disadvantaged and on the periphery of our formal education system.

The Institute strives towards sustainable development of people and our precious environment. The main thrust is also to promote enhancement of science and technology in its various facets through capacity building.

Our Vision

At UMRI Institute, our vision is to see a global system that creates equal developmental opportunities for all. To Value people and to add Value to their lives.

Our Mission

Umri is Arabic meaning ‘lifetime’ or lifespan. The institute aims at developing the untapped potential of talents in school leavers, entrepreneurs and adults alike, particularly targeting those who do not quite make it for university. The institute sees success beyond academic excellence only but through empowerment from knowledge of sustainable development life skills that last a lifetime. Thus creating a generation of entrepreneurs that are confident in their capabilities as part of the greater society. Not only that, but the Institute further monitors and supports its graduate students in their venture creation and development through a lifetime Mentorship and Monitoring program.

Our Values

  • Knowledge
  • Independence
  • Compassion
  • Self-worth
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Humility

Main Product/Service

Training in basic vocational and self-sustaining skills. Focus in technical skills currently in Basic Chemicals Manufacturing, Biogas/renewable energy & Waste Management and Recycling. Soft skills are imparted in the Entrepreneurship, Financial education for Venture management and Sales and Marketing modules under all the courses.


  • To provide relevant value- chain driven and practical programs in technical and entrepreneurial skills and other specialised areas.
  • To ‘unlock potential’ in our future generation through mind-set shift from “Job seeker” mentality to “Job-Creator” mentality.
  • To provide sustainable livelihood skills that result in financial independence and therefore “building dreams” of self-sufficiency.
  • To empower our students for success in the informal market and their small to medium size business ventures (SMEs)
  • To provide competency based training and support that enhances ability and capability of our students.
  • To boost self-confidence and motivation in our students to aim for achieving more and enhancing their development.
  • To provide lifelong (UMRI) support to our students that goes beyond the classroom through market access, technical support and access to finance after completing their courses.
  • To maintain a conducive learning environment and excellent facilities for the provision and carrying out of training and practical workshops.
  • To provide excellent trainers and facilitators who are industry experts in their field and also have an excellent track record of training and imparting the knowledge in those fields.
  • To remain well researched and up-to date with industry trends, economic developments and other environmental and global trends for our programs to remain relevant.
  • To always maintain partnerships with corporations, industry players, non-governmental organisations, government and local vocational colleges and institutes that share similar goals and objectives with us.