Basic Chemicals Manufacturing Course

basic chemicals

The Certificate in Basic Chemical Formulary is a short course offered by UMRI Institute for capacity building of our school leavers, entrepreneurs and people in our local communities.  The course aims at imparting basic manufacturing skills and concepts of chemical formulation for basic household and industrial products.

UMRI Institute is providing a unique course that will provide the building blocks for success in the detergents, or cleaning business and Solvents manufacturing for small businesses. The course is holistic in that it is augmented with the relevant modules for softer skills required for running and managing small businesses sustainably.
The instructors and trainers are experts in both industrial and academic training which will ensure a high standard of delivery, and therefore set our students a cut above the rest in their future chemicals venture.

PROSPECTS: Course Outcomes…

Learn how to transform your passion for chemicals into your own business!

  • Course will equip students with skills and knowledge needed for developing their own cleaning chemicals for resale or for starting a Cleaning Business!
  • Course can provide opportunity to start and grow a profitable and sustainable business.
  • There are many diversification opportunities in the chemicals business for the innovative entrepreneur.
  • Creation of self-employment for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Soft skills in business management acquired can be used universally regardless of trade.