Biogas Masonry Building Course


This hands on training is designed to equip masons with correct building skills of the various phases of Biogas Construction. The training will be on the Modified Camartec Domestic (MCD) and/or Solid-State Domestic (SSD) Biogas design types. All training will be done on-site (on a Farm setup) from excavation right up to initial feeding & gas build-up. The Masons will be equipped with the technical building skills and knowledge on how to construct from a given plan of the Biogas designs depending on the sizes. 

The instructors and trainers are experts in both industrial and academic training which will ensure a high standard of delivery, and therefore our students can be assured of success should they venture into biogas construction businesses. UMRI provides continued technical support after the training.
60 hours -Delivered in approx. 2 Weeks

The training will use on-site technical skills training & actual demonstrations of setting-out, sizing and building of the digester. The technical methods taught will include the actual building, plan interpretation, problem-solving and analytical skills during the construction phases.

PROSPECTS: Course Outcomes
After completing this course, trainees will have learnt;

1.    Sizing and Siting considerations for undertaking Biogas Projects
2.    Construction materials required- from the BOQ
3.    Interpreting the Design Building Plans
4.    Phase I  - Excavation & setting out 
5.    Phase II - Building the Biogas Dome Shape 
6.    Phase II – Initial Feeding & Gas Build-up 

Therefore the masons can immediately start building Biogas digesters soon after training because the market is already there. For larger projects UMRI provides technical support with quality control and supervision.