Hair Products Making Course




Our Hair Products Making course trains you to create a professional range of organic and natural hair-care products. Learn how to make safe and stable hair-care products, understand the hair and set up a hair-care products business.

Our program will equip you to be ahead in the Hair & beauty industry in building your own unique & distinguished brand. The course is therefore for anyone who wants to get into the hair business, making hair products, also for entrepreneurs with some formulation background.


Duration: 3 Days

PROSPECTS: Course Outcomes

Create Hair Shampoos, Conditioners and Leave-in Products
    Learn how to formulate safe hair-care products to cleanse, condition and dress the hair.
    Learn how to blend various ingredients, develop formulation skills to design hair-care products that are safe, stable and marketable. 
    You will learn how to easily distinguish between the numerous ingredients in our Hair industry today, how to formulate for oily, normal, thin, dry, weak, coarse and colour-treated hair types. What the difference is between organic, synthetic, natural & naturally-derived ingredients. 

Formulate for any Natural Hair Type
    Create natural hair-care formulations for Kinky, wavy, curly or coily hair types. Appeal to any type of customer.
     You will understand the structure of the hair and scalp to design your own hair-care products knowing which ingredients work best and how!