Main service is the provision holistic and value chain driven Technical Vocational Course Certificates. All the courses are augmented by training in basic entrepreneurship, sales, financial and marketing techniques. Our graduates will have the basic skills essential for managing and running a small business.

A Mentoring and Monitoring framework is employed to assess the impact of our courses after completion. UMRI prides itself in this value addition to empower our graduates beyond the classroom. Access to Markets, Financial support and continued technical support is given as part of the Mentorship and Monitoring program.

Certificates currently issued by the Institute are the following short courses;

  1. Basic Chemicals Manufacturing
  2. Small-Scale Biogas Production
  3. Biogas Masonry Building 
  4. Waste Management and Recycling Techniques
  5. Solar Systems Installations 
  6. Hair Products Making 
  7. Professional Entrepreneurship


3 months short courses are on a Part-time basis (2 class sessions per month) ,

Masonry course takes 2 weeks to complete. 

Solar Systems & Hair Products course are 3-day Workshops

Professional Entrepreneurship is a 4 week program (meeting once per week)

Frequency:  3 intakes per year

Minimum Entry Requirements: To enter, applicants must have done any science subjects as well as Mathematics at Ordinary level. However a Pass is not mandatory.

The program is designed to capacitate the marginalised on educational grounds, entrepreneurs or science enthusiasts, and to build on the potential of people willing to learn and thereby develop further their skills and understanding of technical principles and in-order to start and run their own businesses. Therefore applicants who did not pass either their Ordinary level or Advanced level should not despair but prove themselves in this worthy opportunity to revamp their passion for technical skills.

The Institute however reserves the right to use its discretion in the enrollment process in-order to assess applicants’ eligibility for the course content.

No ‘O’ Levels?  No Problem!

You can still develop yourself further! Learning is an inevitable natural process that happens all the time. You can still enhance your knowledge and skills anytime and anywhere. You just need to believe that you can unlock that potential. Further education with UMRI can provide you with skills and ability that you had never tapped into and can be your gateway to more or even better opportunities to improve the quality of your life!

However UMRI does not offer Ordinary ‘O’ level studies or High School subjects. We offer Vocational Courses and qualifications that do not require Ordinary level as an essential entry requirement.

NO ‘O’ Levels? These are your Options;

  • Re-write your Ordinary level Exams while taking one of our part-time Courses
  • Just simply enrol for any one or more of our Courses

You think You’re too old?

  • Knowledge and education knows neither age limit nor boundaries! Even if it means going back to complete your ‘O’ levels you can still go for it. UMRI gives you the opportunity to acquire new technical skills for all ages.
  • Use your past experience! Capacity building means elevating one’s skills-set from one base level to a higher one. Therefore let us know what else you’ve acquired before so that we can assess if you can be exempt from certain modules included in the Courses.

What do People in Technical Jobs Really do?

This line of work is to do with designing, formulating, building, crafting or maintenance of operations that have a scientific aspect to them. Your chosen field will determine the specific things that you will do on a daily basis.