Small-Scale Biogas Production

Small-scale biogas production

This unique course will develop students’ appreciation of solid waste management and ability to design Biogas production equipment. The course is a very practical and hands on course which will be largely conducted on field sites (municipal or farms). This will ensure practical application to equip students with the skills and knowledge for developing their own small-scale biogas plants or digesters. Further is that the course also incorporates relevant modules for softer skills required for running and managing small businesses sustainably.

The instructors and trainers are experts in both industrial and academic training which will ensure a high standard of delivery, and therefore our students can be assured of success should they venture into biogas designing or construction businesses.

PROSPECTS: Course Outcomes

Put waste to good use and learn how to harness Biogas and create a business from it!

  • Course will equip students with skills and methods for designing their own Biogas digesters for resale (or use on their farms or households).
  • Course can provide opportunity to start and grow a profitable and sustainable business as Biogas Digester Designer, Technician, Builder or Consultant on biogas projects!
  • The course contributes to the thrust towards promotion of renewable energy and a cleaner  environment.
  • Soft skills in business management acquired can be used universally regardless of trade.